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We at Adaptive Performance know that setting up expeditions or trying to get in to full time/ high level sport is hard work. It is also important to ensure that you are matched with the right expert to assist you. We are here to provide the right support needs around you to help you achieve your goal. Please click here if you'd like to get in touch.





Laura Penhaul set 2 world records when she led the first all-female crew to row across the Pacific Ocean. After 4 years in preparation, they set off from San Francisco in April 2015, rowed 9,000nm and after 9 months arrived in Cairns, Australia in January 2016.

Laura is a Physiotherapist by trade and previously to founding Adaptive Performance she was Lead Physiotherapist to the Paralympic Programme for British Athletics, where she supported the athletes at the Rio Paralympic Games 2016. After having been to Vancouver Winter Paralympics as Lead for Paralympic skiing and then working at London 2012, she thought that rowing an ocean would give her an insight into what her athletes go through when faced with the question of wanting to give up.

Through having worked with athletes that have a strong mentality in believing they can achieve, combined with being driven to understand what it takes to achieve and overcome barriers when it seems impossible, it is this collaboration of thought and experience that has led Laura to set up Adaptive Performance.




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